The Lane

Something to do with memories………….and the people around Hardwood Falls.

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2 thoughts on “The Lane”

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard you guys and this site has brought it all flooding back!

    For the record, I was fortunate enough to manage Gary & Gordon in their early days as SeaRun (with Steve Bartlett and Tony Cuthbertson), and then I recall going along to many a gig watching Slim and Gary who enjoyed huge success in their time with the very loud 2830.

    By the time the three of them formed The Arc in 1980 I had moved on to Brussels to set up the new Eurozone Circus projects and lost touch for a couple of years. It was my wife who learned of the Hardwood Falls phenomenon and under her influence we had hoped to bring them out to Portugal in the mid 80s. Sadly they had disbanded by the time the finance came through.

    But here they are again, large as life! Very exciting

  2. Hi Bill and Angie.
    Are you sure I’m not dreaming?
    2830 with Batta, Brett and Slim, that’s going back some distance now. Oh dear……we were wild boys then. SeaRun, mmmm, I remember well, just a glimmer of what was to come but none of us knew it then. Glad you found us again….hi to Angelique. I think she was somewhere around you when we were connected all those years ago, but not in the serious kinda thing it is now, so congrats on that one. Although, strictly speaking we should have been on the guest list, but forgiven you are. Drop me an email, (it’s on the about page I think) there’s lots to catch up on but not in this confined space.
    Stay tuned, there’s something in the air.

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