Halloween Dance

From the same series of recordings under the Arc at Earth Media Studios featuring the signature sound of guitars in different tunings. This one is again from Gordon.


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©Gordon Slattery

Ah yes…Hardwood Falls…

We did ask….. and here is the first of what will no doubt be many, flying reminisces, pulp fictions and autobahns.

Craig (Slim) Simpson, Gary Poulton and Gordon Slattery…

It was not for nothing that their worlds collided, dimensions shifted, the planets aligned and all caution was thrown to the winds. In a world of unchecked hyperbole and exaggeration, this extremely brilliant group of multi-talented musicians and composers formed an immediate bond of focus and dedication never before seen in the history of western civilisation.

Their first recordings were made at great expense at Higher Studios in Sydney in 1980. Only a few rare copies exist today.  Known in those days as The Arc, the boys were a fixture at hot spots around the suburbs and beyond. There was even a regular gig at a hairdresser in Lane Cove on Saturday mornings (although no one quite remembers why).

But in 1983 when the band began to incorporate electric guitars into a previously acoustic set and started to play the university & college circuits, success was thrust upon our three musicians like custard dropped upon them from a giant saucepan in the sky. They moved out west beyond the mountains and made their base in Bathurst, and became the now legendary Hardwood Falls.

Together with the sharp ear of producer Stephen Bartlett, they now had seven ears between them.