With so many different happening before and after Hardwood Falls this seems to be a good place to post some of the variations on the theme. I don’t know what will go here really but let’s make some space and see what lands.

One thought on “Splinters”

  1. Although all three of us have played only rarely together (at the same time and in the same place) since the 80s, we remain very close and various combinations of two of us have always been involved with each other’s music. It’s a fact that the three of us were always greater that the sum of our parts, and that the particular sound we produce together is pure magic and continues to resonate in our very beings even now. I believe that we are first and always a family.

    We’ve also played with a range of other musicians and singers over the years, and some of these combinations may well turn up here as splinters.

    If any of you out there have memorabilia of Rankin File, Union Street, 2830, Charming Cobras, Doctors’ Orders or any of the other various incarnations invloving any of the members of Hardwood Falls, please get in touch through the site…

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