One from over at Gordon’s YouTube channel.

It’s time to let out some of the work that ex members of the ‘Falls’ have been putting together individually or collaboratively over the years. All things considered we’ve come a long way.

Following on from our Facebook live gig Thursday 13th August here’s Gordon and I doing one of the songs featured on that event. Thought some might like to hear how it actually went. Recorded live in the lounge-room at Gordon’s place in Ryde all those years ago.

“Son don’t be home to late, try to get back by eight. Son don’t wait ’till the break of day, ’cause you know how time fades away………@ Neil Young “Time Fades Away”

Time to ramp up the volume again, clean up some tracks and get back to posting.

” Where have all the soldiers gone….?”

The last post went up some time in the middle of October 2011. What can I say, somewhere between hell and high water the days just disappeared amid chaotic work commitments and bedding down new projects and winding up loose ends lying around. Time to clean up more tracks and continue the hunt for the elusive compilation tape of many of our early covers, which included Helplessly Hoping, Hasten Down the Wind, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Your Move, Tennessee Waltz, just to name some.

How time slips away.