Where to begin?

Gordon, Craig and Gary have a long association. In the case of Gordon and Gary, they’ve been knocking strings together since their late teens in the early ’70’s and are still working together on recordings some 40 years later. Craig came onto the scene in the early ’80’s and stayed in the picture until moving to Tasmania some ten years later. In various combinations, these old friends have been churning out music for decades. However in 1980 they formed a formidable acoustic trio called the ARC and made a pretty solid stamp on the Sydney music scene, playing to packed houses in the inner city for a couple of years.  In 1982 Gordon and Gary moved to Bathurst to study at Mitchell College and re-formed as Hardwood Falls with Craig in the latter part of the same year. Armed with blistering chord conversations between guitars in standard and open tunings, rock solid harmonies, driving bass lines and a Dr Rhythm beat box the boys packed venues where ever they played for the next two years until the band’s demise in ’85.

to be continued

In the twilight days of the band, the boys were sounding like a cross between Crosby Stills and Nash / The Police / U2 / The Pretenders, but that’s another story….

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