A few weeks ago we went through a number of tapes and pulled some old classics into the system. This is one of Gordon’s songs captured live at either the Commercial or the Park Hotel.


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© Gordon Slattery

Author: garypoulton

Artist, photographer, musician, composer, singer songwriter, retired educator, AEL Emeritus and quantum nomad

2 thoughts on “Waterbird”

  1. Well here I am doing some Hardwood Falls promotional work over in California, and listening happily to echoes from days gone by. You know, the last time I heard us doing this song was 1985. I was a little shocked to hear this recording of us, because my recollection of our approach is that we took it a lot slower! But here is the evidence – with the buzz of the night, and being pumped up as we were, there was no stopping us! Still, I suggest we need to do another version, circa 2012…

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