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  1. Hey Gary. This is Kent Paisley from Bx days in the early 80’s. I was in Shonky Intentions back in the day. I am now married to and Israeli with two kids, and have been living about 20mins south of the sea of Galilee on Kibbutz Hamadia.
    I am still tinkering with music, and have always wanted to put something together like Hardwood Falls. So I googled you guys to see if I could find a list of cover’s you used to play. If you have one handy, please email it to me a Bondikid @ hotmail.com.
    It was great to find this site, and take a stroll back through some great memories. I remember lower Rankin St. In fact I was good friends with the guys that bought that house after you left, and I spent another few years visiting that place. So it was great to see the pictures.
    I hope you are well. I have a backlog of cassette tapes as well. So maybe I should put a similar site together for Shonkies and variations thereafter.
    I look forward to hearing more tracks as they appear.
    Stay in touch.
    PS. Say g’day to Slim and the gang when you speak with them next.

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