Sweet Company

Well here’s an absolute corker and one for the record books. Gaz and I heard this tonight for the first time in 25 years and we had shivers up our collective spines from start to finish. Kept playing it over and over and over. Wish we were back on that stage. Happy listening to all of you who remember……Gordon.

restored using Waves audio

©Gary Poulton

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Author: garypoulton

Artist, photographer, musician, composer, singer songwriter, retired educator, AEL Emeritus and quantum nomad

4 thoughts on “Sweet Company”

  1. Well…..blow me away. Going through more songs tonight and as Gordon says we heard this whilst trawling the tapes. This is us rehersing the song at lower Rankin St Bathurst, just two guitars, bass and us singing. I wrote this in 1980 and somewhere amongst the photographs is a shot of us in a backyard in Newcastle with Gordon and Craig hearing this for the first time. I’d forgotten just how beautiful those harmonies were and are and despite some rough edges the song just flies along with us hangin’ on the wings.

  2. And the morning after it still blows me away too. – takes me to another dimension. Really captures the magic of the band. We were talking last night too about how Slim’s bass lines just always seemed to flow out of him with that magic spark. He never seemed to need any time to just put it all together, just nailed it from the start.

  3. I’m glad we found this when we did. On closer listening it appears that the original signal on the tape is beginning to break up. It seems to be fading in and out in places and I’ll try to restore it as best as possible, could be tricky but worth it. Maybe we just need to get in and re record it…..hope I still have the charts or it could be a re-write of sorts, I keep hearing new things for it. 🙂

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