Night Time

Have been away for a while busy with other things, time to update some stuff.

Here is another unearthed from Craig (Slim). Recorded on portable cassette (oh for the days of grunge technology) at lower Rankin st, Bathurst in the mid ’80’s. Out of a ‘Book for Boys’. Armed with only two guitars, primitive recording device  and good ol’ doc R.

restored using Waves audio

©Craig Simpson

all applicable distribution and copyright conditions apply

Author: garypoulton

Artist, photographer, musician, composer, singer songwriter, retired educator, AEL Emeritus and quantum nomad

2 thoughts on “Night Time”

  1. So much energy! Every time we hear Slim’s voice we want to jump in and harmonise, Can’t help it.
    In this recording though, Slim shows just how to do it. He has double tracked his own harmonies as only he can.

    1. Thank God someone remembers enough to prompt my neural pathways. Recorded mid morning, what day I don’t know. Craig had put down rhythm guitar, vocals, keyboards and beat. I’d been mucking around with a second guitar part, Craig liked it and said lets do it. I can’t remember what the recording setup was, (probably something rigged up by Steve Bartlett, involving multiple tape decks), only that I was driving (overdriving to be correct) the electric through a Princeton 10watt direct into and with the recording mic running off the big Fender Twin Reverb.

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