Stronger than the sun

restored using Waves audio

Recorded on tape during an afternoon jam session somewhere between 05-06 at Ryde with KIm Stubbs, Micheal Slattery and Gordon on killer harmonies.

Author: garypoulton

Artist, photographer, musician, composer, singer songwriter, retired educator, AEL Emeritus and quantum nomad

2 thoughts on “Stronger than the sun”

  1. One of the most remarkable things about the three of us is how the songs just pull us in immediately to another space. We each lead quite different lives, but in a moment we could always somehow be of the same mind. It’s what makes us family. We got used to it after a while, and perhaps I learned to take it for granted once in a while?
    But this recording is simply breathtaking. Gary and I just happened to bump into my brother Mike and my Charming Cobras partner, Kim Stubbs, one afternoon. Neither Mike, Kim or I had heard the song before. But I recall it just filled the room and took over in a flash, We all experienced the magic of working on it together, and were thrilled at the result.
    We grabbed hold of the nearest available mechanical device, wound it up, and recorded our version of the song for posterity. I hope you enjoy it now as much as we still do…

    1. Where did those harmonies come from? You guys just locked into it as though we’d been doing it for years, it was perfect, For me what was breathtaking was just how easily and naturally it happened. That recording happened on the third run through the song, amazing!

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