Fall for you

One of Gordon’s hundreds of originals, this one recorded somewhere back in the ’80’s at Higher Studios, Sydney. Nice to hear it again.

There’ll be a story here somewhere when it comes.

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©Gordon Slattery

Author: garypoulton

Artist, photographer, musician, composer, singer songwriter, retired educator, AEL Emeritus and quantum nomad

2 thoughts on “Fall for you”

  1. We had all been busy in the studio recording what was to become the Arc Sessions. One night Gary was held up somewhere, and so Slim and I put down this song as a demo, meaning to come back to it with Gary later and do a proper job. Although we performed it regularly as the Arc, and again as Hardwood Falls, for some reason we didn’t get around to recording it at full strength – as far as I can remember…? Welll, not so far anyway…

    1. Would be interesting to see what we would do with it now. Our worlds and the times have changed so much and so have we, although Craig reckons he hasn’t 🙂
      Could be very interesting.

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